Ambrafox – Special Electrical and Fire Safety Installations

Ambrafox is an installation company that carries out the construction, installation, and maintenance of electrical systems, cutting-edge technology, and installation solutions for both civil and industrial applications: special home automation systems, photovoltaic systems, structured wiring, alarm systems, fire detection, etc.

Ambrafox creates large-scale installations for sports facilities, manufacturing companies, and large commercial operations, guaranteeing meticulous maintenance services.

We are also capable of designing and implementing machine automation systems, complete with electrical panels and onboard machine technology, both hardware and software.

Our strength has always been the direct care for the customer: we enjoy offering professional and continuous support, with a team of constantly updated and trained technicians, capable of providing assistance and emergency services 365 days a year. Ambrafox… a new Energy. Ambrafox… a new Energy.

Our Story

40 years of work to build a relationship of trust with our customers

Ambrafox’s experience has its roots in 1981, when Fernando Mavero began working in the field of construction and maintenance of electrical systems. From 1986, he was also joined by his brother, Carlo. It was in 1996 that the two founded SAI RAM S.r.l. Electrical Installations: the installation company began its growth path, which in 2016 saw it transform into Ambrafox, making substantial changes to its organizational and management structure.

Just as colors have their different shades that make them unique even though they are similar, electrical systems can also have similarities but each has its own specificities: Ambrafox knows how to handle “all the colors of electrical systems”.

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Our Passion

Ambrafox – Special Electrical and Fire Safety Installations

There are two major categories of electrical installations: civil and industrial. The former are used in private homes and public access places such as schools and hospitals; the latter are needed in workplaces and production sites where they are often used to move and automate “machines” in industries.

Civil and Industrial Electrical Installations are our passion

In compliance with the “electrical panels regulations”, our job is to install them based on the needs of our customers and in coherence with the “electrical installations specifications”.

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