Electrical Systems for Shops

At the basis of the success of any sales area, there is always excellent lighting: it is the key to improving the customer experience and, at the same time, giving personality to the commercial enterprise.

For these reasons, it is important to critically analyze and share the design, and then carefully consider paths and dimensions of the metric computations.

Ambrafox adopts this approach to guarantee the best work with the most advanced and durable technologies.

Ambrafox interprets the needs of anyone who needs to install, redo or modernize the electrical system in their shop, serving the objectives that want to be achieved and bringing its own experience to ensure they are achieved in the best way possible.

Civil and Industrial Electrical Installations

Ambrafox carries out civil and industrial electrical installations, taking care of every single aspect and following all the stages from design, to implementation, to maintenance.

In the field of industrial electrical services, for example, we carry out: electrical surveys, modernization in old buildings, configuration of new office layouts, new lighting, scheduled maintenance, periodic testing, upgrades to existing installations, high energy efficiency lighting, complete rewiring of environments, safety lights, updates to the fuse board, fire systems, etc.

In the context of civil electrical installations, for example, we perform: structured network cabling, home automation systems, electrical systems for the home, lighting control, video surveillance systems, gate automation, etc.